Want your dog looking dapper and tidy all the time? We can help you with that! Let your pets experience the refreshing feeling of looking all cleaned up just like you do after stepping out of the salon!

You know what, you’ll love cuddling even more after a groom. Keeping them clean is also the best way of looking after them, while matting and long nails cause discomfort and medical issues.

We have the most experienced groomers here at K9 with 100% satisfaction!

We provide professional and full-service grooming which includes the following:

  • Bath – Giving a calming bath to your pet keeps her clean.
  • Haircut and style – Give them adorable looks tailored to your preferences.
  • Ear cleaning – Cleaning your dog’s ear regularly can avoid infection
  • Nail trimming – Long nails are irritating and uncomfortable to your pet. Let us help you keep them trimmed up!
  • Glands – Keeping a dog’s gland clean avoids many problems from bad smelling to infection.
  • We also provide stand-alone services to your convenience and also if you don’t want to go for a full grooming service session. You can pick any one of these services to fit your needs.

Daycare – As Low As $17.5 For A Full Day!

Grooming depends on K9 size and needs. This includes bath, brush, nails, and trim
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